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Experience and reflection
  RiKD, Oct 17 2017

I think I have seen in many places in many times of my life that we learn through experience and reflection. I went to the zoo today. I didn't want to go to the zoo. Why would I want to see a bunch of animals in captivity? It was an ok walk around. Most of the animals were just chilling. I think like sloths, koalas, and even lions were probably made for a zoo experience. Certainly any of the rescue animals that could not live in the wild belong there but then why the hell do they let them reproduce? I look at a rhino that is just about catatonic in there by himself and I think why? It was enjoyable to see the monkeys playing. They need some jiu jitsu though. Ground game was real weak. Then I go to the gorilla cages and it is depressing. That is when the feeling of captivity hits the hardest. They are large, dumb humans laying down in despair, sitting staring out the cage with faces of hopelessness.

Fast food and porn, fast food and porn, all i want is fast food and porn. Get me a burger and fries and a coke and some Tera Patrick. Some fried chicken and sweet tea and some Penny Flame. I think I'm through the worst of it after inhaling some Five Guys. There wasn't even really any pleasure. I was boarding a plane so not wise to have a wank and I just got an internet connection but am sharing a 2br place with 5 other people at the moment. I am not that addicted that I have to figure out a way. I used to just watch it for hours. Now, I am watching it like it is cinema looking for good shots, good dirty talk, etc. It's not much of a fruitful endeavor.

That whole life goes further as I enter into Big Box mania today. So much consumption. I just needed a costume for a costume party and I wanted it to be cool. There is a big party downtown and I want to be cool in the off chance a woman that wants to have sex sees my tribe and sees me and abides. I am going to be a pirate. Halloween was like one of the days that women especially like getting drunk and laid. It would have been so much easier to just drink rum all night and put on a pirate voice and really say whatever the fuck I want as I am a fucking scallywag pirate. I think I can still pull it off it's just a lot easier with the rum. I lose a bit of my charisma in bars when I am not drinking. Anyone would. I use to hold a certain charisma in my hey day. I really knew how to drink. I really think now a days it is all about dating online for me. The norm. Have some dates and progress it along. I shouldn't even be thinking about one night stands but I still do. My real shot is a lot of people are probably going out and if a friend of a sibling or friend is a real slut... I mean that in a good way... A women that knows what she wants and gets it is a good quality... but I am supposed to be past these compulsions. I was reading some buddhism yesterday that talked about the art of refraining. Allowing the gaps to be there. No fidgeting or anything. I shouldn't even be projecting out these fantasies of meeting some girl in a slutty cat outfit. It really does me no good. So, how valuable is reflection?

How valuable is reflection?

That is just what is coming out. I am about to go to a really great Spanish restaurant pretty soon. My sister knows the sous chef and he is going to hook us up. I usually get the paella. It will be nice to have a plate of food like that instead of the fast food I have been gorging on. Tomato based sauce with bell peppers and onions and the like. I don't really need the sex or the porn. If I go back to Pittsburgh this week some friends with benefit sex would probably be healthy for me. I mean the one night stuff can be ok too but a lot of times it can be a bit heavy on the compulsive pleasure seeking which I think can make it better. It's not fun to have like a half of a burger, a couple of fries, and save the milkshake for later. Give me the burger, the fries, the milkshake, a few shots of whiskey, a couple of lines, a couple of parachutes of molly, and a big breasted hottie that loves to give blowjobs. I said hottie. That's stupid. I gotta go. Take care.

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I am a man yelling into a well
  RiKD, Sep 25 2017

I have yet to find a new forum so here is where I am. I am a man that yells into wells. The whole moving forward from my current job is a pretty crucial topic for me but perhaps it is a tired topic on here. Today, I would rather talk about gifted silhouettes holding surfboards on their head and Thai food that creates a little bit of a sweat, a little bit of a flush in the face, certainly a runny nose. In terms of Thai food one has to feel a little bit of pain to experience a smooth burn of pleasure. It is a wonderful sadomasochistic relationship. I get a Thai iced tea for emergency reasons and delicious reasons. Cold cream is the antidote and the aphrodite. Perhaps some mango and sticky rice if the mango is in season.

There seems to be no salida out of the 2nd shift for me so I have to make the best of it. I have been calling people on the telephone a lot. It is not like we can hang out but at least it is good conversation. I suppose this is a surrogate for actually going somewhere and conversing in person but it is currently the best I can do. Just like posting on LP is the best I can do. It is my day off and I suppose it is just something I enjoy doing.

I had a dream last night that I moved to a new place. I had a clean slate to find a new job, new AA meetings, new friends. I was pretty thrilled with it. Like I could take what I did wrong and what has not worked out here and use it in the new place.

I was thinking about my dad. He just spent 2 weeks in China. He doesn't want to fucking be in China for 2 weeks but it is part of his consulting gig. Actually, luckily for him he really enjoys being in the steel mills on the audits but sometimes the hotels are shitty, he is away from his wife, and there is the brutal jet lag. We all want incomes. We all have certain things that can give us a certain uniqueness in the world of commerce. So, my dad goes to China for 2 weeks. So, I work the 2nd shift at a job I don't particularly like doing. I don't think there is anything unique about me that makes me good at prepping food. I think that job could be done by a lot of people hence why it's only $11/hr. It really is just following recipes and cleaning up after yourself. There are some tricks and hacks that can be learned along the way. I need to get back in the zone where there are things that are unique to me that others can not do. A job that not many others can do. A job that I like. The problem is I just don't know if I have any of those types of skills. I would like to think I am gifted in some of the soft skills but who really knows. The hard skills, the stuff on paper, I think I am being honest with myself in that I am lacking in that area for a lot of jobs. It's a problem. It leaves me dwindling and floating from one shitty job to the next. The answer seems to be get more skills. I think I would be a horrible electrician plus I hate it. I need to find something I would be decent at and like it ok but here I go again talking about, well, my life but specifically moving forward which I said I wouldn't talk about but it is clearly on my mind.

So, I was walking on the beach and there was this woman in front of me with a great ass. I was behind her for quite a while finding myself mesmerized by her plump behind. So, I get to my car and I am listening to Caribou's playlist on Spotify and Juvenile's "Back That Ass Up" comes up. I don't know why but that moment made me infinitely happy.

Oh, I saw in another thread on here whaaam! put LP at 10% suicide watch. That is probably referring to my blog. Thankfully, I am in a place where I don't think about suicide much at the moment. I am eeking out a living. I think some of the help on here has contributed. Loco's post on surrogates and others got me thinking about a lot of things. I think it helps that I like my managers and the people I work with so I get some socialization there and I am exercising most days. I am giving people a call instead of watching tv or posting on here. I am getting to the AA meetings I can and want to go to. I am really seemingly doing the best I can. So, that means I could be doing things better but it comes to a point where you just can't expect to be doing everything perfectly.

I think I have gotten to the point in which I want to read some literature rather than write anymore.


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Maybe I have found problem but not solution
  RiKD, Sep 16 2017

Hi dear reader, I am limiting the number of blogs I write but it is like I had withdraw and I would rather write a blog than watch tv. I think writing a blog has more value than watching tv. There aren't too many other activities I could fit in this time so here I am. I realize this is a forum of mostly gamblers and gamers but I do appreciate any suggestions or experiences. Here are some facts:

- I am not that happy at my job. I have a longing to get away from some of these more mundane and tedious jobs. I tried produce picking and didn't like it. I tried security guard and was not too pleased. Seafood clerk was not ideal and it is really feeling like this foray into food and bev and food prep is not for me. The only way it really makes sense is if I have a passion to be a chef which I don't.

- It was said on here before that we need to enjoy our job or enjoy our life. I think it is difficult to enjoy ones' life on a shitty job especially if the income is low. I realize jobs can be shitty on any level of the pay scale. It is certainly easier to enjoy ones' life on a shitty high paying job as long as the hours aren't shitty.

- It is just flat out hard to get a lot out of life on a 2nd shift job. Still, connections are possible and I need to be seeking that out. I took a wonderful walk on the beach today and that is one of the things that I really can't go wrong with.

- They say it is easier to get a job if you have a job. That is one of the reasons why I have held off putting in my 2 weeks. So many times putting in my 2 weeks crosses my mind and so many times it passes or I just don't do it. I don't know if I am afraid to do it or many times it ends up my job is really not that bad and I am being a baby? There was talk about November and I was like "god, am I really going to be here in November? October? I don't even want to be here tomorrow or today."

- So, the easy answer is I need another job. The crux is I don't know what I want to do. I could just end up being in these whatever jobs for eternity. It feels that way. It feels that I have to do something decisive to get out of here. I currently don't have the gumption, the awareness, the courage, the passion to make a move like that and I don't know what it will take to get me there. I also struggle with applying for jobs. So, it is important to clean my room yet I just don't do it. Applying to jobs certainly has more value than watching tv or posting on LP.

I guess it is the same problem that it has been for maybe 3 years. Maybe my whole life.

So, what do I do?

I guess I try out another industry I may be interested in. Connect more with people. Get the resumes into places that aren't dead end.

Figure out ways to get better connection into my days. Also, I seem to always feel better after exercise even if it is just a 40 min. walk. That is really the big 2 I can think of right now.

I just wanted to get something down on paper. I could have just done a personal journal but there is discussion on here that helps sometimes.


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