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  RiKD, Jan 29 2018

Here I go again. I just spent all day with an old friend and I am stuck at the hotel... but am I really stuck at the hotel? There is nothing better to do usually always means THERE IS SOMETHING BETTER TO DO! But, in all seriousness I can't be bothered thinking about what else I could be doing. I already played that game. It is rainy and miserable outside. I wanted to climb a mountain today! Give me a rock. I'll beat that puss Sisyphus up the hill like you wouldn't believe. With a smile on my face. This is part of the hike. The part where I just write for a really long time. Turn back now. There is nothing to see here folks.

On busyness, on what is the optimal path:

You know, my friend was talking about when he lived in Chicago how fast paced everything was. He had to be out doing stuff. He could not say no and today he mentioned about spending all day yesterday just knocking out things on his to do list. What is more valuable? I suppose it's about priorities. What if I like being out with friends? What if I want to get stuff done for the betterment. The betterment of what?

We went to a coffee shop and sat at the bar. I had a white tea. We talked about direct reports, my alcoholism, marriage, stress, stress relief, what is the good life? What is the good life?

Fight clubs and art and hurricane romance...

Fight clubs and art and hurricane romance

Maybe that can quell the bossman's oppression. A hike in nature. An intense roll. Anna Karenina. I am like a broken record.

What if we all decided not to pay taxes? If it was a pay what you want affair. Everything open sourced. Affairs handled by smaller networks. No borders, no boundaries. What if we all decided not to go to work tomorrow?

One of the bummers in life is that not everything is going to be some great transcendental experience. I just ate dinner with my parents. We had virtually nothing to catch up about. They went to tour some decadent mansion (Biltmore) while I spent the day catching up with a great friend with some really stimulating conversation. The reason I didn't go to the mansion is that it repulses me and I have no interest yet I had to sit through dinner hearing all about the details of the place. The food was good. The food was interesting. The things we humans do to fancy ourselves. I had a chile relleno filled with butternut squash over a curried lentil with a chutney sauce. Does that turn people on? How do I relive the good parts of today? Seek out all my old college buddies and do lunch? It is the addict in me. It is the restlessness in me. I want action and I want relief when I want it. And, I don't want to sit and meditate. I didn't train today. I didn't train yesterday. I am building for a massive deadlifting session to L'enfant Sauvages. It is the heaviest matter in the universe. I will be fine tomorrow morning when I am hiking mountains. Wake up at dawn or so, have a little breakfast with some coffee and get back to the forests where I need to be. Shinrin yoku is the Japanese art of forest bathing. Yes, I wish to bathe in forests. I want to get really good with firearms too. It almost seems like it is a weird time to just want to get really good with firearms but I feel like it is something to do.

I refuse to watch Netfix or play video games but listening to music and just typing my thoughts seems rather perverse. Where is this going? I wouldn't be here if there was stuff to comment on about order and chaos and competence and dominance hierarchies or something else. I have to let my food settle before I can lay down and read. I just had a thought that jumping out of my 4th floor room window would put an end to it all. It would wouldn't it but I want to wake up and have that coffee and go on that hike.

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Turning this into a training blog
  RiKD, Jan 14 2018

Who knows about title. I just wanted to share I slayed it in the gym tonight. Back workout to White Zombie and Pantera. I was a bit stronger than I thought I would be but I am far away from the 500+ rack pulls from the shin, and 120 lb DB Rows for 12 reps I used to crush. I am too nervous to try pull ups. I am scared I won't even be able to do 1 and I used to hang weight for reps. I am feeling good though. I have my creatine and protein coming in the mail. It really is all about consistency and discipline though. I can't get it all back in a day. It's fun though. It gives me something to do. Picks me up. I don't have to stress over Gemini taking forever to validate my account and my Trezor wallet not working. But, here I go off to coincap to check everything again....


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Happy New Year!
  RiKD, Jan 01 2018

Happy New Year everyone!

It feels pretty good. I was just comfortable and relaxed in my bed all morning. I am not hungover. I didn't leave the house yesterday except for to buy pizza and then decided I would begrudgingly go to a detox and speak to some drunks and drug addicts. My sponsor called this morning and asked what my plan was. I have just really been into cryptocurrencies recently. I may also look to transfer to another restaurant. I was in an Uber and the driver worked at this French bistro which sounded awesome. It is owned by 2 Culinary Institute of America graduates and I love French cooking. Hell, I still consider driving Uber again.

I need to buy some cereal. It sucks when it is just one thing but the grocery store is less than 5 min. away.

One thing I wanted to mention was that I am tinkering around with Steemit. If anyone is on there let's follow each other. I think I am going to have to change my blogging style there for sure. If you haven't been able to tell I kind of just like typing away with whatever is on my mind on here where as there it seems everyone is obsessed about value. I don't know. The site said it was wise to just comment on stuff but I haven't really had any of the trending or hot topics pique my interest.

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